My Life as Fruit

If I could be a fruit of any kind it would be a blueberry.

They know how to integrate themselves into the society of things like muffins and yogurt without losing their integrity or character and becoming gray slime.

They are round – for which they make no apology.  You never hear a blueberry say, “The arthritis in my knees prevents me from working out like I should.” Or, “I put on a little weight with that last baby and I can’t seem to get rid of it.”  The rounder and fatter they are, the happier. 

They bounce.  Drop them on a hard surface and they pop right back.

They are irrepressible.  Just try keeping them under water.  They always shoot to the top. 

They are purple and they like it that way.  Leave the subtle classic taupe and blacks to someone else.  Why be in simple good taste when you can be vibrant?

They leave a sweet fragrance and aftertaste just like flowers.  You are always glad you came in contact with them.  The temporary blue teeth are a plus, good for scaring tiny children. 

All I am or hope to be is a blueberry. 

Published in The Loop, July 2004