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6:22 a.m. I close my eyes to the alarm clock Returning to the road Flying out before me Through the desert with Distant mesas on the horizon. I can sleep one more hour. The path now takes me Through the redwoods And onto the beaches To hear waves crashing. 6:37 a.m. No, I cry. I…
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Garden of Mothers

There are mothers with houses so very neat,They are constantly asking you wipe off your feet. Then there are mothers whose house is a messWho play with their children they often confess. Some are like poets and artists so rare,Expressing the beauty they see everywhere. Others are mothers with animals galoreWhose husbands complain they always…
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My Most Influential Books

Recently I’ve been reading a book entitled, Everything I need to Know I Learned from a Children’s Book. It contains life lessons from notable people from all walks of life, edited by Anita Silvey. It caused me to reflect on the most impactful books I’ve read in my life. The first would have to be…
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An Appreciation For The Ridiculous

People have lost their sense of humor these days – have you noticed? They get upset because an election didn’t turn out the way they wanted or someone exhibited a personal flaw and they whine all about it. Humor just flies out the window. When I grew up, humor was a standard issue, run of…
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My Life as Fruit

If I could be a fruit of any kind it would be a blueberry. They know how to integrate themselves into the society of things like muffins and yogurt without losing their integrity or character and becoming gray slime. They are round – for which they make no apology.  You never hear a blueberry say,…
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An Experiment in Kindness

I’ve often thought it might be fun to conduct human behavioral experiments. Generally, I don’t believe in lying, but for the sake of my first attempt at such an experiment, I allowed myself to express some half-truths-or to paint a more positive, flattering picture of someone. FIRST TRIED IT ON MY COUSIN’S COWORKER (we all…
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